Baxter AK98

The AK98 is designed as a versatile equipment to simply administer hemodialysis treatments. It offers encrypted, two way connectivity to enable the system pull prescriptions directly from the electronic medical record for simplified workflow and data handling

The AK98 includes features such as an Automatic Alert Resolution, intuitive touchscreen for simple dialysis monitoring, diascan monitoring system, smart alarms for nurse prioritization with 360 degrees visibility, and many more. It is easy to use and is equipped with unique patient blood pressure stabilization option to enhance patient safety and comfort during dialysis.

About Baxter AK98

Product Features
LCD Display, Blue & white in colour,LED frontlight, Touch screen controller, Wireless interface, USB port
Common Uses
For Haemodialysis
Associated consumables for product
Revaclear 400 Dialyzer, Novaline bloodline, Bicart , Acid concentrate, Ultra filter and Clean Cart A&C.
Unique Selling Point / Comparative Advantage
AK98 is so easy to use with on screen help messages. It has unique patient blood presure stabilisation option to enhance patient safety and comfort during dialysis. Economical stand-by-mode and minimise running cost.
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