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Our range of medical services provide a solution for your healthcare needs. From quality healthcare equipment, management and aftersales, we’ve got you covered!

Healthcare Equipment

Via our turnkey partnerships, we provide a wide range of quality advanced healthcare equipment at competitive prices. With equipment ranging from GE Versana Essential Ultrasound, to Gambro Prismaflex, we ensure access to quality healthcare for our clients and patients in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Healthcare Consumables

Our medical consumables are of international quality and are effectively and efficiently used by medical professionals in large quantities in hospitals, clinics and medical institutions nationwide. Their application cuts across general surgery, anesthesia, infusion; every medical or surgical environment.

Healthcare Solutions & Management

Following international best practices, we are able to provide healthcare solutions and management carefully tailored to suit the needs of our clients. We design, build, and equip hospitals and healthcare centers with advanced medical equipment and solutions with high-quality healthcare delivery in view. We also provide competent management to ensure the smooth running of such facilities.

Medical Trainings

We provide support packages from installation to product usage training by our technical experts. To ensure optimal use of our turnkey equipment and solutions, we collaborate with our global partners to facilitate delivery of clinical training and demonstrations to clients for an effective healthcare service delivery

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Aftersales Support

We not only install, but also provide quality after-sales services to all clients to preserve and prolong life span of the equipment purchased. Through our team of expert engineers, we are available to repair, troubleshoot, manage, and service the equipment to help make sure it works at an optimal level; our turnkey partnerships ensure we can offer this service locally. Our engineers provide quick responses to clients and proffer adequate solutions where needed.

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