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Ruth Eharisi-Ayomah
February 23, 2024

What does it mean to be sigma strong?

It means our core laboratory solu ons have undergone Six Sigma tes ng.

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a set of management techniques intended to improve business processes by greatlyreducing the probability that an error or de cit will occur.

Relevance to the lab?

  1. Accessing the performance of assays and instruments
  2. Reducing the cost associated with reagents, labour and quality control failure investigations.
  3. Increasing efficiency, productivity, patient  flow and standardization
  4. Extend the linear ranges of enzyme assays for better  first- time results and fewer returns
  5. Automated maintenance
  6. Simplified Inventory management

Relevance to practice?

1) Confidence: 57% of core lab testing is clinical chemistry volume, hence the need for confidence in the quality and integrity of assays. Sudabelt avails one of the highest records for six sima aassays with 86% of clinical chemistry assays achieving six sigma quality.

2)  Total value of ownership: the Six Sigma advantage sudabelt avails provides the opportunity to broaden the scope of the laboratory's profitability by considering many values that lead to hidden costs as well as reduce operator intervene on and decrease sample value requirement.Our availed solutions have been shown to improve turnaround  me by up to 17% in some centres.

3)  Assay productivity: Sudabelt’s lab solutions help achieve consistent, communicable results and user experience across instrument platforms.

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