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Top Anaesthetic Machines Available In Nigeria

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Finding versatile and dependable medical equipment that is the right fit for you and your health facility can be a hassle and we completely understand that. A lot of questions on specifications, affordability, brand and quality will definitely pop up and that’s where we at Sudabelt Medical hop in to match you to your perfect fit.

With ourtrusted and innovative partner, GE Healthcare, we can find the right anaesthesia workstation to deliver individualized therapy across a broad range of patient acuities. This may help you reduce postoperative pulmonary complications and streamline perioperative workflows. Their edge-cutting anaesthesia delivery systems that we provide, allow you to combine patient safety goals with operational and financial goals, using innovative decision support tools to keep pace with ever-changing healthcare challenges.

Our portfolio boasts of globally acknowledged anaesthesia equipment such as the; GE Carestation 30, GE 9100cNXT and GE Carestation 650.

The GE Carestation 30 is your dependable and affordable anaesthesia delivery solution for adult and paediatric anaesthesia. Its incredibly intuitive user interface is designed for mobility allowing you to precisely position the anaesthesia device in even the most crowded operating environments, ensuring enhanced patient care. Offers quality features, such as a 10" Color display, 2 vaporizers and Integrated SpO2 monitoring, one of the most crucial patient monitoring parameters, as identified by the WHO’s Surgical Safety Checklist.

We also have the GE 9100cNXT, which is a precise anaesthesia solution that enables you to effectively deliver anaesthesia and ensure a fast seamless recovery. This versatile device has a 12" Color Display screen and 2 Vaporizers for Neonatal, Paediatric and Adult anaesthesia making it scalable across a wide range of patient groups and surgical procedures. With over a hundred years of GE/Datex Ohmeda's innovation and trust, you can depend on the 9100c NXT to do the job, giving you peace of mind by supporting an easy and trustful anaesthesia delivery experience.

And of course, there’s the compact, versatile and affordable  GE Carestation 650.

This easy to use platform for Neonatal, Paediatric and Adult anaesthesia is Elegantly engineered with a sleek integrated design suited for constrained environments and a simple user interface for improved workflows. Its intelligently organized, simple 15” touchscreen ventilator display and scalable software include time-saving tools to help simplify your workload and help hospitals bend the cost curve.

Your long-term peace of mind is our priority at Sudabelt Medical. Your perfect fit for an easy and trusted anaesthesia delivery experience is absolutely available and affordable at Sudabelt Medical. See here to learn more about our anesthetic machines available.

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