Blood separation/Bank

Access quality automated centrifuge equipment that allows for multiple blood testing with different range of sample volumes; helping you achieve better and reliable clinical outcomes for patients.


The Spectra Optia system is an industry-leading therapeutic apheresis, cell processing and cell collection platform that allows operators to spend more time focusing on patient care. This advanced system uses continuous-flow centrifugation and optical detection technology, providing operators with the ability to perform a wide variety of apheresis procedures on a single platform.

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The Trima Accel system is the only device that streamlines the collection of any transfusable component in any combination. It is the only apheresis system on the market today with the versatility blood centres need for full-spectrum component combinations—helping you to meet your collection goals with a single device.

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The Reveos system introduces a whole new level of whole blood processing with its easy-to-use platform that automates and integrates the manual steps of whole blood processing.

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The Mirasol PRT system is a safe, simple and effective system, being the only PRT system shown to be effective in protecting against a broad spectrum of pathogens, deactivating white blood cells, thus adding an extra layer of safety for patients.

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