The Siaretron 4000 15″ lung ventilator for adults, children and new-born patients presents a vital innovation for the Intensive Care, conceived for treating patients suffering from both acute and chronic respiratory diseases.

It features customizable settings and predictive protocols. It has an innovative user interface that offers advanced tools for indirect calorimetry measurements. The CARESCAPE R860 is vital for reducing infection rates and shortening patients’ stay in the ICU.


Product Features
The GE CARESCAPE R860 Ventilator features expert user tools, including customizable settings and predictive protocols, to help clinicians assess and address appropriate respiratory therapy as well as an innovative user interface. The CARESCAPE R860 ventilator is designed to provide mechanical ventilation or support to neonatal, pediatric, and adult patients weighing 0.25 kg and above.
Common Uses
The CARESCAPE R860 offers advanced tools for Indirect Calorimetry measurements that are measured, not estimated. The Metabolics feature in the CARESCAPE R860 has the potential to support improved patient outcomes, reduce infection rates and shorten the length of stay in the ICU.† The GE gas module measures inhaled and exhaled gases which the physician can use to assess a patient's nutritional status.
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Unique Selling Point / Comparative Advantage
Customizable settings and predictive protocols help clinicians assess and address appropriate respiratory therapy. Using the advanced tools in the CARESCAPE R860, you can tailor care to meet the patient's requirements.
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