Lullaby Warmer

With the  GE Lullaby Warmer a stable, thermoregulated environment is created for the new-born with microprocessor technology and intelligent engineering

With an intuitive operating system, caregivers can concentrate on the baby instead of worrying about switches and settings. The Lullaby Warmer is designed to make your procedures more effective and efficient with features like an integrated X-ray tray below the mattress allowing for imaging without moving the infant and more.

About Lullaby Warmer

Product Features
Microprocessor technology and intelligent engineering to create a consistent environment for the newborn
Common Uses
NICU AND labor/Delivery room
Associated consumables for product
Unique Selling Point / Comparative Advantage
Stable, thermoregulated environment that enables fast, easy access to the baby
Any other information
Product comes with service maintenance
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