Optima™ IGS 330

Versatility within your reach. As an interventionalist, you want to diagnose and treat all your patients, even the most challenging ones, safely and efficiently, with the best possible image quality.

Designed for cardiac and peripheral procedures, the OptimaTM IGS 330 is based on proven technology and very efficient imaging chain, providing superior image quality at lowest possible dose. Powered with a comprehensive set of advanced interventional imaging softwares, you can expand your clinical versatility and successfully plan, guide and assess increasingly sophisticated procedures with greater precision and dose efficiency.

About Optima™ IGS 330

Product Features
Built from a legacy of solid innovations. Optima™ IGS 330 is built from tried and trusted GE technology.

It empowers you to maneuver freely and acquire clinical images with the level of detail you choose for each procedure.

The Optima IGS 330 features the InSiteTM remote service platform, giving you live access to GE experts who can answer questions about system parameters and lend technical support.

Optima system reliability is proven in some 300 installations worldwide with millions of hours of system uptime.
Common Uses
Optima IGS 330 fits your immediate clinical needs and financial realities – while letting you add options later as your healthcare institution evolves.
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Unique Selling Point / Comparative Advantage
Today, the Optima IGS 330 is available with more than 30 options, from clinical applications to service contracts, upgradable at any time.

For example, as you expand the scope of procedures you perform, you can include peripheral procedures with InnovaBreezeTM a subtracted peripheral vascular imaging technique that lets you follow the contrast bolus in real time using variable panning speed control imaging thin vessels with high quality.

GE constantly invests in R&D to provide an even larger array of options to scale the system to your needs for tomorrow.
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