Breathing Circuits

Our breathing systems are designed to deliver oxygen with new optimal features to aid respiratory care in patients.

F&P 850 Breathing Circuit Kits

Designed F&P™ 850 breathing circuits to minimize condensation and maintain humidity delivery between the MR850 Humidifier and the patient interface.

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Inspiratory/Expiratory Breathing Circuit Filters

Designed specifically for use with humidified systems,
Standard ISO 22mm M/F connections, 99.99% filtration efficiency with viruses and bacteria

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Optiflow™ Junior Breathing Circuit

Extended length of tubing (5’9”/1.75m), Includes MR290 auto-fill humidification chamber, For use with F&P MR850 humidifier

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Bubble CPAP System

The Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Bubble CPAP generator is designed to provide consistent pressure through an auto-leveling feature. This design moves excess liquid into a separate chamber from the main pressure-generating section, automatically ensuring that the set pressure does not change with liquid build-up.

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850 Temperature/Flow Probe

For use with the MR850 humidifier and RT-Series breathing circuits, Also for use with HC550 humidifier.

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