Diagnostic Cardiology

We provide top quality cardio diagnostic equipment that gives a comprehensive analysis on various heart conditions, and helps physicians reach a rapid and accurate diagnosis.

Mac 600

The MAC 600 is lightweight and portable at 1.2kg, placing advanced diagnostic tools at your fingertips, enabling you to deliver one of the world’s best ECG analyses from a compact system

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Mac 800

The new MAC 800 gives you a simple wireless solution for storing and delivering Data from almost anywhere to patients in even the most remote locations, in an instant. The Table-top portable ECG is redesigned with even more flexibility and ease to fit the way you work.

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Mac 2000

The MAC* 2000 resting ECG system from GE Healthcare helps the clinician make a fast and accurate diagnosis, with the power of the Marquette* 12SL analysis program. It’s the proven diagnostic support you need, in an ECG system that’s intuitive and easy to use.

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Cardioday + Seer 1000

The GE SEER 1000 / CardioDay Easy Holter ECG set from GE Healthcare is a ready-to-use set for recording 2-lead ECGs with adults and children over the course of 24 - 72 hours. The compact and lightweight design of the device creates a comfortable measurement for the patient when using the SEER 1000 Holter ECG recorder.

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Cardiosoft + T2100

Advances incorporated into the T-2100 treadmill place it at the forefront of patient safety, dependability and overall performance.

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CASE + T2100

GE CASE + T2100 is a complete workstation for stress ECG. Its rugged design allows it to support up to 500lbs. It is smooth, quiet, and takes no time at all to start up. It is ideal for patient comfort and safety with the option to allow clinicians to control the entire speed range.

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