We provide access to cutting edge Imaging equipment that delivers pristinely clear images used by physicians for diagnostic tests, identifying abnormalities and treatment in patients.

SIGNA™ Creator -1.5T

The  GE SIGNA Creator -1.5T, 60 cm MRI scanner is designed for ease of use, being built with the DNA of SIGNA™, the pioneer of MR systems. It features; a detachable table that improves patient access and productivity, extensive clinical capability - Motion Correction with PROPELLER, and operation efficiency - using 34% less energy consumption than our previous generation MR.

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SIGNA™ Explorer AIR™ Edition - 1.5T

SIGNA™ Explorer sets a new standard for patient comfort, combining advancements in design, technology and applications and enhancing your financial performance with operational efficiency.

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SIGNA™ Prime 1.5T MRI Scanners

The SIGNA™ 1.5T MRI is designed to increase your efficiency, improve productivity and maximize your diagnostic potential while keeping the patient experience at the forefront

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Revolution™ ACTs Expert Edition

Revolution ACTs Expert Edition is the new CT platform, packed with end-to-end product enhancements – capable of delivering advanced imaging with 32 slices to solutions that specifically tackle your challenges associated with acquiring, operating and sustaining a CT system

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Revolution ACT

Purposely designed to help you deliver higher quality results with more consistency and speed than ever before by improving your ability to provide outstanding CT scan services

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Revolution™ EVO Gen 3

Revolution™ EVO Gen 3 helps you to obtain fast, high-quality images, and deliver rapid, accurate, precise and confident diagnoses whilst avoiding patient and staff disruptions. Optimizing the time of teams and patients and calculating the right radiation dose for the right patient while delivering the right image quality

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Revolution™ Maxima

Revolution Maxima provides innovative solutions for your entire CT experience from referral to report, including an incredible new way to automate patient positioning. Beyond that, it’s a scalable, upgradable system that leaves the door open to grow with your practice

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